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Quick wins

January 17, 2015

There have been a couple of little projects, all for me.

The bar stool in the kitchen, rather sad and cat scratched black vinyl has had a revamp.

1-IMG_1181Some lovely Bute limey green boucle. I have another bar stool still in the black vinyl. I had loads of the Bute fabric. Loads. Well actually not quite so loads as I thought, or needed. The other one is going to have to be in something else. But as this was ludicrously fiddly and I was very glad the fabric was so forgiving I’m  not sure that is going to be happening anytime soon.

And yes, there’s more. 1-20150101_150613

A really nasty old sewing box transformed into a little store for my hallway for hats and gloves and the like.


Rather chuffed with this as when I took the old placcy off there was this rather lovely ply underneath which was just too nice to cover up.


And this has been kicking about for ages, at least two house moves, and finally it gets put to good use.


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  1. Carol permalink

    You need a nice scarf to go in there!

  2. If only I knew someone who could knit me one…

  3. Really enjoyed reading this. :0) thanks for posting!

  4. Love that sewing box revamp – and what a find that ply was! It looks fab!!

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