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No standing please

February 7, 2015

This one was picked up from by a skip by a closing down hotel.

a boring chair

a boring chair

It had potential, quite a lot of potential for free. Ripping back revealed why you should never stand on a chair.

broken chair

broken chair

You really can see a craftsman at work on this repair.

But I thought I’d liven up the chair with some painted legs. A trip to hobbycraft resulted in the purchase of some urban art paint (I think that means graffiti) watch out Banksy you’ve got competition. Well, perhaps only if you were thinking of going into the upholstery line. I was going to buy plastikote but they didn’t have it in the colour I wanted so was directed to this Molotow paint. But this is fabulous stuff. Absolutely idiot proof. Bit of prep on the legs and the paint goes on like a dream. The finish is so professional.

foolproof legs

foolproof legs

This chair was intended for sale. I’ve had very mixed fortunes on the selling front but I had a plan and that was to go for something that might be popular at the moment. So I went for Scion’s, I think now discontinued, lunaria in grey and yellow. The upholstery itself wasn’t that noteworthy, the seat replaced, the usual fiddling to get a good fit on such a curved back but that worked rather well and then a grey velvet on the back. And on a thrifty note that was actually left over from some curtains.

lively chair

lively chair

And, in a quite unprecedented move, it was snapped up. Almost as soon as it was listed I had an offer, and it was collected within days! Hopefully it won’t be used in place of some stepladders any time soon.


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