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Back to school

March 1, 2015

I thought I’d return to college. I did several years when I first started at this upholstery lark including a qualification, I’ve even got a certificate to prove it! But there’s still plenty to learn and more than that, it’s nice meeting people that share your interest. So I signed up and turned up with a new project.

1-IMG_1176I didn’t get a very good before picture



but you get the general idea.

This was going to have the same spray paint treatment as the last one.

All in the prep

All in the prep

This was trickier than the last one as I would stand back only to realise I had, as the saying goes, missed a bit. Almost a whole can of paint on this was enough to have me looking at a spray paint attachment for the compressor. Exciting, potential new kit – but that looks so involved and I have no idea what I need so that is not something I’m pursuing, just yet.

But the end result was really excellent. The upholstery proceeded apace with no great dramas. So apace in fact I don’t have any pictures. The only issues I had were with the finishing. I was finishing round the show wood with double piping and my teacher suggested using a button feature where the piping would meet. Excellent plan I thought. So I had buttons with a nail back made. Applied the piping, which took forever and huge amounts of glue, and then carefully went to nail the buttons in. But, they wouldn’t go. By the time I had any sort of purchase with the buttons the fabric covering was damaged.

So back to the drawing board or rather the button making machine at college. Plain buttons made and glued. And they look fine.




One throne – for sale


I’ve enjoyed the return to college. At least, I have when I’m there, leaving the house in the cold and dark of a Tuesday evening is always an effort but worth it. Some of my fellow pupils have looked aghast at my fondness for the compressor and staples preferring the traditional approach but there has been the odd longing glance and I may yet win over some converts!


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  1. Really gorgeous.

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