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The sheep chair

November 19, 2015

This was one of a pair of unprepossessing chairs I hauled out of a skip some years ago


With bits of spray foam - nice

With bits of spray foam – nice

I wanted to have a bit of a play with this. I love those pieces upholstered in sheepskin. Not something I felt was within my abilities or, indeed, budget. But I had a notion that I might be able to create something similar with an Ikea throw. I realised it may not work and indeed my upholstery classmates were shall we say sceptical. Supportive, but doubtful was hte general tone.

Old fabric - waste not

Old fabric – waste not

All modern for the underneath

More but different foam

More but different foam

And then on with the throw. It was quickly named the sheep chair for fairly obvious reasons.

Not traditional

Not traditional

This was so easy! I had put calico over the foam as the throw was very open and stretchy but the fabric was so stretchy it meant it could easily be manoeuvred into place. I was even able to use the fringed edge of the throw.

A fringe

A fringe

And again, nothing went wrong, no complaints or moans.  The next one is clearly going to be a disaster.

The sheep chair

The sheep chair


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